Realty Times TV Debuts as Programming Option for Industry News and Adds Significant Value to Bring it Home Communities and Veea’s New Real Estate Office of the Future (vREO) Concept

Realty Times and Bring it Home® Communities announced a massive expansion in television and closed-network programming for the real estate community and consumers. Aptly named Realty Times TV, the news segments will provide a variety of valuable news, statistics and tips for brokerages, agents, homebuyers, and sellers. See an example here or watch on

Content distribution will be handled through a shared alliance with Realty Times, Bring it Home Communities and Veea.

“As one of America’s most established real estate news portals, we’re in a unique position to share our knowledge of the market, nationally, regionally and locally,” stated John Giaimo, President and CEO of Realty Times. “And through our partnerships with Bring it Home Communities as well as the national roll-out of Veea’s real estate office of the future, this provides a phenomenal platform for news procurement and distribution,” Giaimo explains.

Realty Times TV provides various news segments according to its audience. For example, there is a United States feed that’s designed for national coverage. But there are also regional and even local content that can be created for specific audiences. This ties directly into Bring it Home Communities that specialize in an individual metro area.

Custom content can also be developed and delivered with the Veea real estate office of the future (vREO), an ultra-secure communications network for brokerages to connect agents, brokers, and consumers. With the Veea hub, brokers can hold virtual office meetings, have virtual showings, extend online training and much more for a very low monthly cost, eliminating the need for more expensive subscription services.

“Creating original content for the real estate community makes a lot of sense,” according to Giaimo. “With home prices rising and inventory still extremely low, brokers and homebuyers are looking for information, tips and resources like Realty Times TV. We’re excited to bring this next chapter of innovation to the real estate industry,” Giaimo concludes.

About Realty Times TV and its Partners:

Realty Times TV is the latest venture from Realty Times, one of the most-trusted sources of real estate news in America. Its affiliated company Bring it Home Communities is creating the digital portal of the future for real estate, combining local listings, and integrating brokers, agents, consumers and advertisers in a safe and secure communication environment featuring Veea’s secure, virtual private network (VPN). Bring it Home’s ad network is powered by Ad Persistence™ and Veea’s AdEdge advertising platform provides rich media advertising for consumers and marketing partners.