vREO Q & A

Q. How do I save my agents money on their video conferencing expenses?
A. Your $200 per month fee allows you to provide a video conferencing license to each individual agent. They may use the service to securely communicate with their clients and for their personal use. There are no additional costs associated with this license.
Q. How many participants can be on an individual video conference?

A. There are no licensing limitations to the number of participants, but for best performance we recommend no more than 1000 active participants per location.

Q. Can video conferencing sessions be recorded?

A. Yes

Q. Are there online conferencing tools available?

A. Yes, including the following:

  • Shared presentations and office documents
  • Shared whiteboarding on top of shared presentations
  • Shared notes
  • Group and direct chat
  • Breakout rooms
  • Polling and reaction emojis 
Q. When presenting, may I present with PowerPoint or other presentation programs?

A. You can directly share any office document (e.g., PowerPoint, Word, Excel, etc) as well as share your desktop, any application window, or any browser tab. With shared documents, the presenter can allow conference participants to download the document to their devices.

Q. Are my communications secure?

A. vREO is supported by Veea, a trusted expert security firm providing state-of-the-art security in both software and hardware.

Q. What is the exclusive real estate programming about?

A. vREO has partnered with Realty Times, a trusted 21-year-old news organization. Realty Times TV programming will include real estate centric news, interviews, training courses, entertainment, and live broadcasts. MLSs, Associations, and brands are invited to participate.

Q. How does this service create a Virtual Real Estate Office?

A. By allowing your brokerage to manage your agents, relationships, and conduct business on a virtual basis.  By utilizing video conferencing technology that utilizes a state-of-the-art video conferencing camera by Katai, and the ultimate in security with Veea’s VHE-10 Hub.

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